Summers coming to an end :(

How many of you enjoy fall weather?

If, you could imagine a beautiful fall day, how or what would it look like?  would it be full of colorful leaves on the ground.  or just lush and green still on the edge of turning.  Do you attempt to try every single day to still wear out your summer dresses, or jean shorts, or are you loving the no need to shave today, leggings?

Each and everyone of us has a difference of opinion for fall days.  We all have a difference of preference also.  I prefer the early fall days of chill in the morning with my coffee, fallowed by a warm day, and a glass of wine by the campfire/bonfire in my fuzziest sweater 🙂 at night.

We almost found what I would consider “The perfect location spot” the only thing is the house had a huge water issue this past spring and needs to honestly be torn down(best option).  The lot was just over 2 acres however backed onto over 70 acres of municipally owned land(untouched).  I would have jumped on it and ripped down the house, and happily have brought back some of my previous ideas for a cabin/home and put that on the property without a doubt.  Fortunately for my family lol my husband, and mother disagreed with my adventurous ideas.

I hope all of you have a wonderful day!  Enjoy the fresh air, and your loved ones 🙂




I have been a city girl for a few years now, but have not, and will never lose my country girl routes.  Sadly for a few years I lost myself in the hustle and bustle of city living, but am happy to say I am slowly making my way back again to the life I love, and the air I miss breathing, everyday.  I grew up on a very small hobby horse farm in a very small town outside Ottawa, ON.  My life time dream after losing my childhood family farm, has always been to one day get back to my roots.  Well, for the past year myself, and my fiance have been slowly more and more pulling away from the hustle and bustle and becoming more familiar with today’s homestead ideas. However, what I have noticed is all my old school knowledge, from my childhood, is more valuable then I first thought.

Please follow along, on our new adventure, of me getting back to my routes, and our learning experiences along the way!