I have been a city girl for a few years now, but have not, and will never lose my country girl routes.  Sadly for a few years I lost myself in the hustle and bustle of city living, but am happy to say I am slowly making my way back again to the life I love, and the air I miss breathing, everyday.  I grew up on a very small hobby horse farm in a very small town outside Ottawa, ON.  My life time dream after losing my childhood family farm, has always been to one day get back to my roots.  Well, for the past year myself, and my fiance have been slowly more and more pulling away from the hustle and bustle and becoming more familiar with today’s homestead ideas. However, what I have noticed is all my old school knowledge, from my childhood, is more valuable then I first thought.

Please follow along, on our new adventure, of me getting back to my routes, and our learning experiences along the way!


Author: Rusty Gate Gables

Hello, and welcome to our new site. We have decided to create this site, and blog so that you can follow along with us on our journey. We have slowly started to begin following my passion, and my fiances dream, of one day owning our own homestead. No matter where you are, or the limited space you have, anyone, and everyone who wishes to have a healthier life style, can do it, all you have to do is dream it, and then beginning your baby steps towards a self-sufficient life style. Please join us!

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